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Let’s organize, optimize, and strategize to get your business back in alignment with your vision and your life.


investment, time, and energy.

Every decision you make for your business is essential, so make them with clarity & confidence. 

Oh, hi there. I’m Natalie

Director of ops, Mama, data & Systems nerd

I’m slightly obsessed with helping others achieve their goals. My background in teaching and work in business operations have prepared me to engage in candid, compassionate conversations about how to get your business to the next level. 

Natalie operates from the heart!
"If you are looking for someone to support your vision who loves details and organization, then Natalie is your person! As a visionary and entrepreneur, it's difficult for me to transition from the 10,000 foot view and then dive into the details that keep me viable. What Natalie's skills enabled me to do was not overcommit to the potential of the project, but take a realistic look at it in bite-sized pieces and set reasonable expectations. In addition, she operates from the heart and is authentic in her goal of helping people be the best they can in their business."
Kristi Slotemaker
Coach & Speaker

How can I support you?

Action Plan

Here’s where you get the clarity! The Strategic Mapping Intensive is a consultation focused on strategically mapping out your objectives to create a plan for your business. This is perfect for small business owners who have big ideas but are stuck on how to take the next step.

Systems Audit & Process Mapping

Are you still doing everything manually in your business or do you feel the systems you currently have in place are not being used to their full potential? If you find that your systems aren’t working for you, I’ll help remove the stress and time-suck from your systems so you know what to delegate, automate, or delete.

Computer and Coffee

How does strategic operations
support your business?

Return on Time

We only have so much time during the day. As a business owner, a woman, and a parent, you know that time goes by quickly, sometimes without really knowing what you did that day. 


Bringing on an operations strategist to support your business allows you to shift many of the “making-the-business-run” hours off of your desk and calendar. And let’s be honest—those were the hours you hated anyway. 


You can get the time back to focus on spoiling your clients, gaining new business, envisioning new ideas, and even better—time off to spend with yourself, your friends, and your family.

Return on Energy

Yes, getting back your time is amazing, but the best part? You and your team are saved from the irritating, repetitive tasks that makes work feel like a slog. 


When your business operations are streamlined, delegated, and automated, you can focus on the parts of your business that you are passionate about, bring you joy, and keep you sane. 


Strategic operations create ease and efficiency, and because your business will be set up to run smoothly, you can set it down for a minute without dropping it completely. 


Hello, mental health breaks! 


Because when you have a plan and support, you don’t feel like rage-quitting or burning everything down every quarter.

Return on Investment

Operations isn’t always viewed as sexy. It isn’t on the flashy marketing side, and your clients probably wouldn’t click the “smooth operations” option when asked why they initially chose your business.

But looking at customer reviews and what generates repeat business, it almost always has to do with timeliness of response and product, and ease of customer support.


And that absolutely comes down to your business operations. Organized, efficient businesses with streamlined systems have higher profit margins and repeat customers.

And that is  sexy AF.

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